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Are you looking for MOT VII for your vehicle?

The MOT test conducted in UK checks the roadworthiness and environment-friendly factors of a four-wheeler. The test is done at the third anniversary of the vehicle’s registration.

It is mandatory to have an MOT certificate as driving a car with faults can turn out to be risky and illegal. Leading to a fine of £ 2,500 and getting banned from driving. Moreover, it can lead to receiving three penalty points for driving a vehicle with ‘dangerous problems’.

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How are different vehicles classified?

MOT tests are licensed and regulated by UK’S Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) to inspect every part of the car. Driving an MOT test failed car is considered illegal under the UK regulation. Therefore the vehicles are classified as 1,2, 4,5 and 7 as per their weight, wheels, capacity and usage.

Class 1: This category includes motorcycles with 200cc engine movement.

Class 2: Two-wheelers and bikes with big engines belong to this group.

Class 4: Three wheelers, dual-purpose vehicle with 12 passenger capacity, motorhomes, general cars are class 4.

Class 5: This includes the vehicle with 13 seating capacity and the class 4 category cars.

Class 7: The cars with a weight of 3,500kg and the heftier commercial models fall into this group.

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What are the parts checked during an MOT?

At Peterborough mobile tyre ltd, our team of experts will first check the MOT history of the car, to figure out any recurrent problems and then begin the test. Some of the crucial car parts checked in MOT are:


In the MOT test, the suspension system which includes spring, tyre, shock absorber, linkages and tyre air checked. In a suspension test, each corner of the car is pushed down and examined whether the vehicle settles back to its standard height.


The test verifies whether the steering functions appropriately. In MOT the steering oil level, corrosion of power steering pipes and steering lock mechanism functionality are observed. Even the dashboard warning lights and wheel misalignment inspected for the electronic steering system and lock.

Exhaust Emissions

Our MOT check tests the exhaust system of the car and the emissions. It checks whether there are dangerous gas leaks ( NO2, CO and SO2) or noise. At our garage, we use handheld monitors to determine exhaust problems.


Secured latch when closed, the opening of front doors from inside and outside, the security of hinges and catches are the factors of door test in MOT. Moreover, the opening of the rear door from outside checked to determine MOT.

Wheels and Tyres

In this test, the tyre condition, security, size, type and tread are examined.


The operation, HID (high-density discharge) and LED (light-emitting diode) conditions are examined to check the light’s operation. Moreover, cleanliness, security, aim and self-levelling capacity of headlights and main beam warning lights tested.


This test includes examining the proper functioning of the seatbelt, secure attachments and elasticity. Furthermore, the pre-tensioners, operation of airbags and seat belt load limiters, tested in MOT.

Where to book an MOT?

Only centres with three white triangles in a blue sign are authorised to perform MOTs. We follow the UK government rules and give a VT20 certificate ( valid for one year) when your car passes all the tests. A so-called VT30 is issued for shortcomings of DSVA guidelines.

In case your vehicle fails the MOT test, you have to get all faults fixed within 10 days and then present the car for a partial re-test. Unless your old MOT certificate is still valid, you are no longer allowed to drive until then.

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering additional features like a PRE-MOT test to make your car ready for the upcoming MOT. So, halt your ‘MOT checker near me’ query and contact our facility today!