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Are you looking for Brakes for your vehicle?

Brakes are the most critical safety system in your vehicle, as they slow down or stop your vehicle to avoid collisions or accidents. Worn-out brakes can cause serious problems while driving on the road.

Our experts suggest getting your braking system inspected immediately after you notice any irregularities, as a brake failure can steer you into unwanted situations.

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Signs that you should have your braking system inspected:

Screeching Noise

When the brake pads have worn down completely, it will damage the rotor, making screeching and grinding noises that will be beyond repair.

Pulling to one side while braking

When you apply brakes and some invisible force moves your vehicle to one side, that means an undesired matter has entered your braking fluids.

The vehicle is taking longer to stop

Even when you press the brake pedal all the way and it still takes time to stop, you need to get your brakes checked immediately.

Fluid below the vehicle

If you notice a puddle below your parked vehicle that is not slimy and looks like fresh motor oil, then your brake fluids might be leaking.

Soft/Spongy brake pedal

If you feel that the brake pedal is softer or spongy than usual, then it is a clear indication that the brakes need to be checked.

If the above-mentioned points are relatable to you, visit us for reliable and affordable brake repair Peterborough.

About our brake repair service

The procedure includes repairing/replacing three major components:

Brake pads:

Brake pads are the most commonly replaced part, as they undergo friction and excessive heat when you apply brakes. Their longevity depends on numerous aspects, like the manufacturer, type of vehicle, weather, and the way you drive. Our experts suggest they should be replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles.


When you apply brakes, the brake pads are forced against the rotors. Rotors typically last much longer than brake pads. But when your brake pads are worn out excessively, it will damage your rotors.

Brake lines & fluids:

Brake fluids are stored in a sealed system and, hence, can last longer. But your brake lines could get damaged, resulting in the leakage of brake fluid. We recommend replacing your brake fluids every 25,000 miles.

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