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Are you looking for Gearbox Repair for your vehicle?

The function of the gearbox is to maintain power transmission. It allows the driver to change the gears according to speed and road conditions. A gearbox defect is likely to occur if you are not taking enough care of it.

We at Peterborough Mobile Tyre offer all types of automatic and manual gearbox repair Peterborough at surprisingly good prices. Our priority is customer safety and satisfaction.

Signs your gearbox needs a repair

If you find any of the listed conditions relatable, bring your car to us for a gearbox repair Peterborough; otherwise, you might end up damaging the system beyond repair.

  • It shakes when you change gears.
  • The gearbox warning light is illuminated.
  • You are not able to shift gears smoothly.
  • Jumping out of 1 or more gears.
  • A burning smell from the gearbox.
  • A humming noise from the gearbox.
  • The gearbox fluid is leaking.

What do we do in a gearbox repair?

The procedure our skilled technicians follow here at Peterborough Mobile Tyre to carry out the best-in-class gearbox repair Peterborough is mentioned below:


Firstly, we find where the problem lies by examining every part of the gearbox carefully, and then we dismantle the gearbox.


As we have disassembled the gearbox, it is now time for deep cleaning, which is done with the help of gearbox-safe chemicals.


Now the main process, which is repair, takes place, and side by side, the parts that are beyond repair are replaced by our skilled technicians.

After that, the gearbox is re-assembled.


Finally, the gearbox is tested to check if it’s running smoothly, and the problems that were occurring before are now fixed.

What damages your gearbox?

A gearbox could get damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Driving in a very hilly region
  • Driving aggressively
  • Pulling heavy weights
  • Overloading the car
  • There might be manufacturing defects

If you are looking for reliable and quality gearbox repair Peterborough, then Peterborough Mobile Tyre is your one-stop destination, where our trained professionals use the latest machines and instruments to deliver impeccable results.

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