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Are you looking for Air Condition Re- Gas for your vehicle?

Air conditioning re-gas is the process of replenishing the refrigerant gas in your car's air conditioning system that has depleted over time. The function of the air conditioning system in the car is to maintain the air temperature inside the cabin and also to filter out air pollutants, pollen, and bacteria.

If your car is taking too long to cool the air inside the car, then it is time to visit us for a quick and efficient air conditioning re-gas Peterborough service. Our experts suggest getting your air conditioning system checked annually or at least every 2 years,

Signs of low refrigerant gas

Slow cooling

The air coming out of your car's air conditioning vent is not as cold as it used to be, which usually happens due to short trips.

Unpleasant smell

Stuck dust particles in the system can lead to bacteria building up in the air conditioning vents, which causes a bad odour in the cabin.

Unusual noise

A clogging somewhere in the air conditioning system leads to a rattling sound.

No air coming out

A leak in the air conditioning system allows moisture to enter the rubber lines of the system, which destroys the rubber, leading to the system’s malfunction.

Increased fuel consumption

As the time to maintain the air inside the cabin increases, the consumption of fuel in the car also increases.

About our refilling service

We perform air conditioning re-gas Peterborough service in the following way:

  • We first take the temperature reading from your air conditioning system.
  • Then we empty all the old refrigerant gas from the system.
  • The air conditioning system is then checked to makes sure there is no underlying damage.
  • If necessary, we remove mould and fungus that has accumulated over time.
  • Now we inject new refrigerant gas.
  • We deodorise the interior of your car as well.
  • Finally, we check the temperature reading after the refill to ensure its proper functioning.

If you are searching for a workshop to get the refrigerant gas refilled in your system, then your search ends here with Peterborough Mobile Tyre offering reliable air conditioning re-gas Peterborough service at an affordable price. Our certified technicians use both R134A and R1234YF gas that is refilled according to your car’s manufacturing year.

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