Mobile Tyre Fitting at Home or Work 

Mobile tyre Fitter in Peterborough

Save time and money with our Mobile Tyre Fitting service in Peterborough and the surrounding area. Say goodbye to the long and uncomfortable waits at the garage, say hello to fitting your tyres on your driveway, at the comfort of your home or your workplace.

Whether you are in Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntington, Wisbech, Stamford or Grantham, we are a simple call away from fitting your new tyres in your own time, place and convenience. 


How does the Mobile Tyre Fitting at Home or work function?



Get your car registration ready, and take a look at the side of your tyre and look for a similar number to the picture above. Pick up your phone, call us on 01733 512225, and a human operator will pick up to ask you for your registration number, and then will ask you to confirm the tyre size, which is a similar number to the picture above. Then the operator will ask you to choose your tyre from a range of options, starting from the budget, then mid-range, and premium tyres; with over 1000 tyres in stock and access to the largest wholesale tyre provide (Stapleton) 6 days a week, we are bound to have the tyre of your choosing. After choosing your tyre, the operator will take your full address and post-code or a pinged location of your car, if you have left your car at a safe spot the previous night due to a blown tyre or a punctured tyre. Afterwards, the operator will ask you for your method of payment: We accept payment of forms of payment, such as a Debit card, Credit card, contactless payment, such as over the phone payment, Bank transfer and Cash payment as well. After completing your payment, you are done and fully booked for a mobile tyre fitter to come to you in your own time and convenience and fit your tyres.

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Mobile tyre fitting at home