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Peterborough Tyre Fitting

Flat Tyres?

What to do if you got a flat tyre while out and about on the road or elsewhere?

Tyres are made of rubber and are susceptible to damage caused by different objects on the road. Objects such as screws, nails or sharp stones can easily puncture your tyres, or if you hit potholes or curbs, it can cause a split or completely shred your tyres.

Can you drive on a flat tyre?

The simple answer is NO. However, if you are driving on a motorway or an extremely busy road, you should continue to drive slowly until you reach a safe spot to stop. Continuous driving on a flat tyre can lead to costly repairs on the wheels, therefore, you should stop wherever you can. 

When can I use my tyre foam?

Most of the newly built cars come with a foam bottle instead of a spare tyre.

1- The foam is only a temporary fix.

2 - You can use the foam when you suffer a puncture, however, the use of the foam is limited to a puncture from nails, screws or any slow punctures. The foam does not fix any big punctures or if you hit a pothole, or curb. 

Call Peterborough Mobile Tyre for an emergency callout.

When you stop at a safe spot, call PMT to get one of our experienced Fitter to come out to you and replace your tyre wherever you are. The usual callout response time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour. With over 1000 tyres in stock, were are bound to have your tyre in stock.

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